Monday, April 6, 2015

Harlequin Starweaver II

Finally finished Starweaver number two. I am very grateful I only have one more to paint.

This model seemed to just drag on and on.  Granted, I haven't been super committed to finishing it.  At the end of the day though, It's finished and I can move on.

I did a few things here model wise to help differentiate it from the first one.  First, the gunner is a different style and has both hands on the gun.  It actually the gunner from the Voidweaver.  I would like to have the third one hang off the other side that the first one, but I'm not sure if the pieces are there for that.  The second difference is the heads on the side.  It's subtle, but different.

I painted this model in more pieces than the last.  The first Starweaver was done essentially whole with only the gunner done separately.  You can see in the WIP pictures what pieces were separate.  I just opened the box for the Voidweaver today, I'll do that in even more pieces. 

As mentioned earlier, I have a Voidweaver in the infant steps.  I also have the started Starweaver III.  There is also a good amount of metal players.  I'm still not feeling super motivated, but with new Eldar models being rumored I would like to finish my Masque before those drop.