Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Eldar Asurmen

The next in line here in my macro re-shoots is my Asurmen.  This one is a bit different from the others.  I put in some extra work to raise the models painting standard a bit and bring it inline with some of the more recent Eldar models I've painted.

Model wise i'm not a huge fan of this model.  I cannot explain my love for the Forgeworld version of Asurmen.  Just for the regalness of the Forgeworld version, but I digress.

I painted the entire model minus the actual banner, i'll get to that later.  He was fun to paint.  His color palette is a bit different from the rest of the army, much like most of my Phoenix Lords.  From his plumage to his sword, the subtle differences are a nice counterbalance.  Not to say he's completely different.  His gems, cloak, and wraithbone are lockstep with the rest of the army.  

Now the banner.  Asurmen is the lead Phoenix Lord and deserves a bit of pop.  My friend Justin stepped in and helped me out.  Not only did he construct a banner for the model, he went and painted me a freehand version of the Asurmen banner.  I really don't have any ability in the freehand department, so a bit of help from someone else is nice.  

My cooling off period might be coming to an end.  I got an itch to do some Harlequin Player updates.  Not quite up to actually doing it yet though.