Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Eldar painted in years.

I got bored with what I was doing so I went to my Eldar.  It started with some Phoenix Lords, then Fire Dragons, then added onto some older paint jobs.

First up is Maugenra.  He was the 4th Phoenix Lord I had painted over a 24 hour period.

Next up is Fuegan.  I think his armor came out the best of all the Phoenix Lords.

Baharroth, the picture doesn't do justice to how his armor looks.  Super dark blue is a tough thing to photograph on such a small scale.

Next is a squad of Fire Dragons.  These are an older sculpt.  I do prefer the extra details these guys have over the current model.  Plus I prefer the helmets on these guys.

Finally a Shadowseer.  This model was painted rather quickly years ago for a tournament.  I went back did some touch-ups and changed some robe colors.