Saturday, June 23, 2012

Justin finished some Eldar

He's actually been finishing some models lately.

First up is his Farseer.  This is a dangerous model.  While re-attaching his arm he stabbed himself with the models dagger in its left hand.  It actually went fairly deep due to the fact that he sharpened for whatever reason.  Really a quality model and paint job though.

He's making really good progress on his large all OOP metal Storm Guardians.  These are 3 that are finished, while the rest of the squad all has been worked on at some point.

The finally these are two of his older works here.  I have always liked the helm designs he did for the Scorpions and Dire Avengers.  Each one has a different design.

Justin is now working heavily on his Fire Prism, Pathfinders, Dark Reapers, and Harlequins.  Hopefully something will be finished by next weekend.