Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Fire Prism

So this is the finished Fire Prism from my Step By Step post yesterday.  I covered the painting of that fairly thoroughly, so I want to discuss the model.  

Compared to the older Fire Prism which I plan on starting soon, this is a much nicer kit that looks much better.  I doubt i'll ever buy the vectored or star engine upgrades, but they just look so cool I had to add them.  I have been playing Eldar for a long time, 17 years, so the amount of time I have spent working on Falcon based tanks is considerable and to be honest any change is appreciated.  I just wish with the new Fire Prism that they had kept the unique sensor instead of the generic Falcon one.  I guess you cannot have everything.

I have a Falcon like 98% done.  Maybe i'll actually finish it sometime this week.