Thursday, December 5, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Warp Hunter

I finally finished my Warp Hunter.  I did the vast majority of this model in the several days after I got it in the mail.  I got distracted with my other 8 other projects, but finally did the last bit late last night.  Sadly in the last week I only needed to highlight the engines and do the D-Canon barrel.   

As for the the painting of the tank, it's my standard Alaitoc scheme.  For the most part it was a bit easier than the other style tanks due to the lack of a turret.  Really the most difficult choice was the D-Cannon barrel.  I debated keeping it white, but that wouldn't really mesh with the other models in the army.  

Last night I also got hot and heavy on my Lynx.  It is coming along really well now and might see completion soon.