Monday, January 6, 2014

Eldar Dire Avengers

There are only a few random vehicles that remain unpainted in the to do pile.  Unfortunately, I still have a very large amount of foot models that need to be painted.  To help with possible Serpent Spam I decided to work on some 5 man Avenger squads.  I have 20 of the plastic Dire Avengers which I bought when they were released.  Fortunately for me, that was before the massive price hike they underwent when the new Codex dropped.  At $7 an Avenger, that is just ridiculous.

I've also decided to work on some Rangers/Pathfinders.  I finally started to feel bad that I have so many Alaitoc models painted, but not a single Scout, the unit that defines my Craftworld. I have one finished and another two in the works.  I am also working on some weapon crewmen as well.  I'll get some preview pics up within the next couple days.

Left on the shelf are around 80 foot models, a few vehicles, an Avatar, and 5 OOP Wraithlords.

On the paint job front these guys were fairly straightforward.  They were predominately coated in Ultramarines Blue (Altdorf Guard), then heavily drybrushed with white, then glazed with blue.  After some black-lining it was finished.  I wanted a nice blue armor in traditional Dire Avenger style, but differentiated enough from my Guardians.  Their yellow was done in the same style as my Craftworld models for a nice tie-in.  Fairly standardized metal, wraithbone, and gems.  The most time consuming aspect was all the black-lining.  Nothing is more nerve-racking than black-lining between a color and white.  The margin of error is not forgiving.