Friday, January 24, 2014

Quick Update Storm Guardians and Weapon Crewman

I've been lacking both time and motivation for painting the last few weeks.  I did have time to finish this crewman for my D-Cannon Battery and some Storm Guardians.  I decided to work on some of the least important models I have.

The very concept of Storm Guardians is laughable.  Back in 2nd edition adding some close combat and close range specialty weapons was just part of a Guardian squad.  When 3rd spun them off on their own it got worse and worse with every rendition of them.  I went for an exaggerated poses for these guys.  I have 6 more getting their paint stripped right now.  Not sure how motivated I am going to be to even get past priming them though.  My table is full of recently stripped Pathfinders and some grav weapons.  My new items cannot come in the mail any quicker.