Monday, October 10, 2016

Tomb Kings Necrosphinx

I'm still alive and I actually painted something.

I hadn't painted, let alone finished anything, in what seems like forever.  I have plugged away on some Harlequins here and there, but nothing particularly interesting. I grabbed up a Necrosphinx of my friend's for some motivation.

I've noticed online that people seem to really like this model and are lamenting it's out of print status. I definitely can appreciate that feeling.  I have a massive Vampire Counts army and appreciate immensely the undead models GW has put out over the decades.   On to the painting.

It's a rather decent size for a model.  My friend had magnetized the wings which was nice.  I prefer to do all my work in pieces.  The head was magnetized, but not anymore.  It still comes off and sticks rather well.  I got to work on it in phases.  I started with the wings almost start to finish.  Then did a lot of work on the head then on to the body.

The rest of his army is a heavy red and gold, so I went with something similar.  I had intended to really limit the gold, but every time I added it it just looked good to me.  I went for a large amount of black lining,

I've started some prelim work on the next project.  Hopefully it doesn't take me a year.