Monday, December 12, 2016

Cygnar Stormclad

Work getting done.
Now that i'm back to painting a bit, I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone a bit and have some fun.  My friend had a large mostly unpainted Cygnar force and a Warjack isn't too far from painting a Mech right?

Painting another companies model is kinda weird at first.  There's a definite difference once you start to put paint on the brush.  Not to say one is better than the other, they're just different.

My friend's only real request was more silver and blue on the model.  I think I accomplished it decently.  I had some freehand fun with the lightning on the shield and the top part.  It's been awhile since I had done lightning and I tried a different technique than what I use to do.  I think it came out admirably.  

I went with yellow for the splash details.  I felt like it really makes those spots pop.  The gold plays a similar role as well.  I set out not even thinking of any bronze, but once I started going I just had to start.  Not trying to go overboard with it was the hardest part.  

I went heavy on the black lining.  This model was made perfectly for the black lining.  I used the newer GW Gloss Nuln Oil.  I like the less gritty and dark finish.  I almost makes it feel cartoonish, but I like that.