Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Vampire Counts Vargheist

 Lots of painting has been done lately.  My issue right now is just getting them photographed and put up here.  As you can see, some Vampire Counts have been seeing the painting table.

I hadn't done much Vampire Counts work in a long time.  It's still, by far, my largest Fantasy army in both model count and points.  I painted one Hexwraith a few years back and that's about it for them.  The vast majority of the army is painted.  That work was mostly done in a short period of time many years ago.  I figured a nice solid unit like Vargheist would be a nice starting point.

I bought the unit of three back when they first came out and they are still a great flanking unit to roll up units that are anchored by skellies or just warmachine hunt.  The three of them staring at me in their un-based grey was just too much though.

Like most of my models, I started with a white undercoat.  The skin of the wings is a nice bright red, the skin Rakarth Flesh, wing bones are Ushabti bone, and then black for the fur.  

Very liberal wash of Agrax on the wing to start them out.  We're talking something like 4 coats. Then a heavyish drybrush of the base color red over top.  Then a very very light drybrush of white.  

The skin only got two coats of Agrax.  Then from there a highlight of the base color followed by another very light white drybrush.  The white on the skin was a bit heavier than the wings because it can take it and it looks better in my opinion. 

The fur is simple.  Just a black base with a quick highlight of The Fang then washed a bit with Gloss Nuln oil.  

The teeth, wing bones, and nails are just Ushabti with one coat of Agrax and highlighted when needed.  Nothing fancy, just getting the job done.

On the table is Vargheist number two, a bunch of newly bought Dark Eldar, another Warjack, and of course a random collection of Eldar.