Thursday, January 12, 2017

Eldar Warlock II

I had finished this Warlock before the Vargheist, but just now took some photos.
Really nothing too fancy here.  It's a rather mundane model, being one of the older Eldar Warlocks. He's from the Rogue Trader era of 40k, around 1991.  Even compared to his contemporaries, it's a very weak model. It's not Jes Goodwin's best work. You really have to go crazy with freehand work to make the model standout and honestly a Warlock on foot just isn't worth it.

He's done up in my standard Alaitoc scheme.  I did something kinda different with the sword, but other than that pretty standard stuff.  

I'm still working on getting my Dark Eldar purchases all built at the moment.  Figuring out exactly how i'm going to arm and modify them is why it's taking so long.