Saturday, May 13, 2017

Astra Militarum Valkyrie

 Finished a nice looking new ride for the brave men of Cadia.  

It feels really nice finally finishing this guy.  It's a fairly good sized model and makes a nice show piece, even if only one is done so far, there's a second in the collection, but i'm probably not going to paint that one.  When I first saw this model when it was released, I thought it was a bit too stubby and not very elegant.  Working with it first hand though I can appreciate it's subtle lines.  I still think it looks too stubby.  I'd like to see some elongation of the nose.

As you can see, the paint scheme is pretty much along the lines of the rest of the vehicles.  There's a few differences though.  There's a lot more metal.  That's pretty much due to the engines and landing gear, so spots I don't see much paint going on.  I think it helps it stand out a bit from the tanks.  The metal differences are much more subtle than the cockpit glass though.  Among the many issues with the model, the cockpit was thrown together with too much glue and it clouded it up something fierce.  Throughout all my years modeling and painting I have never found a good fix for it.  So I just glazed both sides with blue.  It's gives a striking effect and it still is somewhat opaque and up close you can see the pilots inside. 

The Shadowsword is still sitting mostly complete, just waiting on new sponsons to come in so that big guy can be competed.  I finished the first 10 man squad, just need to take pics.  A Chimera has been started and hopefully should be completed quickly.