Monday, July 8, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Crimson Hunter

I didn't really speed through this model, it took me 5 or so sittings, but it is finished nevertheless.  Not until I was almost finished did I really think about the fact that Crimson Hunters are really Aspect Warriors, thus have their own paint scheme and colors.  Interestingly enough, Games Workshop seems to have the same path as I and painted them craftworld specific.  

As with all of my  Alaitoc themed models this model was done in the standard mottled blue with yellow stripes style.  The armor effect is accomplished with a white basecoat.  From there, I do several coats of Altdorf Guard Blue.  That basecoat is then washed fairly heavily with Drakenhof Nightshade.  This does not have to be super well because of the mottling blends well with it if you leave it blotchy.  Once the wash is done I fill the lines in with black and then stipple black onto the blue and then smear it a bit with my finger to help blend it in.  I then highlight the edges of the black lines with Thunderhawk Blue and then finish with a glaze of Guilliman Blue.  

Up next are some jetbikes and a second Wave Serpent that I have had base coated for 2 weeks now.