Friday, July 26, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Wave Serpent and Guardians

I decided to do a bit of a scene here, mostly due to the fact that I have a completed Wave Serpent and Guardians who already have their own posts and my light-box is not big enough for this.  None of these metal Guardians are of different poses of the 20 of the ones I have already finished and the only difference with the Wave Serpent is the Scatter Lasers on the turret instead of Shuriken Cannons.  That is in response to the new Codex and the uber coolness that the Wave Serpent has acquired. So as it stands I have 30 metal Guardians finished for my standard play lists. Among these are 10 different poses for a decent amount of variety.

I plan on doing a 3rd Wave Serpent, and the top hull is primed, but I need a break from the Eldar tank chassis.  I love the chassis and all, but it gets a bit monotonous when every tank uses it.  I would like to do some Jetbikes next, but the 5 of the ones I have were all bought used and just abused painting and modeling wise.  LA totally Awesome can only do so much.  I also have 4 Warp Spiders and an Avatar fresh out of the Pinesol so they are options as well.