Monday, July 29, 2013

Eldar Warp Spider

This is a bit of a test model for my Warp Spiders.  When I tackle a new type of Aspect Warrior I do a basic trooper first followed by the Exarch then batch paint the rest of the squad.

I had the edit this on my laptop so it is not as well produced as I prefer, but I've just been lazy in getting a new HD for my desktop.  As for the color scheme I tried to stay as close to the standard colors as possible.  That means predominately red and black with some green thrown in.  At first just the tassels were green, but then I added some green lining between the red and black color changes and that seems to added a bit of flair without looking out of place.  Unfortunately, I only have 4 Spiders total, including the Exarch, so this unit will be short until I get some more Warp Spiders.  I am kinda holding out to see if any new models come out with the next Eldar wave.  They are some of the oldest models still in use for the Eldar.