Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Jet Cycle (Windrider Jetbike)

I got this metal long OOP Eldar Jet Cycle about a decade ago in an army deal off ebay.  I never really thought about painting it till recently and thought that a  unit of them would look well with some of my older Guardians.  It's a fairly simple model, only 5 pieces, but conveys an elegance you get in 80s era GW models.  The paint scheme  is that of the rest of my Craftworld forces and will be a guide for the rest of my plastic Jetbikes.  

I had held off on doing any type of Jetbikes in anticipation for a new model.  With no Jetbike model with the new Codex release I finally decided to strip and paint the old ones I have. They are not in the best condition, but painting and some creative techniques I am hopeful I can salvage them and make them presentable.