Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lizardmen Skink Chief

I felt that the lack of Lizardmen on my blog was an unfortunate oversight.  Lizardmen were my first army for Fantasy and still one of my biggest point wise.  I had originally painted the army in different colors and in a different style than the style it is currently in.  I repainted the entire army in a 3 month period.  For the most part, I think it still stands up, but have started to think about revisiting them.

The model here on display is a metal Skink Chief.  The simple pose and equipment on this guy is just great and kinda rare to find on hero level characters of the era.

The skin is a lighter blue that I used for all my skinks.  His larger scales were done in a mustered yellow color and are also consistent throughout the army.  The shield is of the same style as the entire rest of the army, skink and saurus both.

I plan on posting some more of the army in the coming days.