Thursday, December 25, 2014

Lizardmen Temple Guard

Here's some of my Temple Guard.  Looking back on them, there is so much more I can/want to do.  Even with their faults, I still enjoy the models and the way they came out.  I have 20 Temple Guard, but only 10 are "finished".  The other 10 are mostly done and just need some time put on them.  

As for the paint scheme, it's my standard Saurus colors and techniques.  I think the red and blue go to together real well and the gold is a great contrast.  I definitely want to work on the gold some more.  

The next unit up on my Lizardmen post list are my plastic Saurus Cavalry.  Pulling them off the shelf and dusting them off, I had some minor repairs to make.  I also saw a few small opportunities to get their paint jobs up to snuff.  Look for them next week sometime.