Sunday, January 18, 2015

Eldar Farseer and Wraithguard

I got an Eldar goodie box from the great white north that Justin sent me just after Christmas.  It was full of cool stuff, these two models are just a few of them.

First up is the Farseer.  I think this model was unreleased and more of a concept model.  You can tell by the somewhat unfinished backpack and relative simple adornments for an Eldar of his stature.  Backpack aside, I really enjoy this model.  I think the more simpler look really sets this guy apart from the others in a good way.  He's more reminiscent of a Warlock than a Farseer, which makes him a great addition to my army as a leader of a front-line detachment. 

Next up, is the Wraithguard.  I guess he was on the bad side of an eBay deal and got some "recast Wraithguard done in solder grade lead" as he puts it. I like the throwback nature of the OOP Wraithguard and the older style Chinese recasts.  The details aren't the sharpest and there are some flaws even my dremel couldn't fix. If I ever finish the other 4, which are of a poorer quality than this chap, then they would be a great suicide unit, a designation befitting their origin. 

I have a newer style Farseer that I am working on next.  He's got a lot of base-coating done on him, it's just a matter of motivation right now.