Thursday, January 22, 2015

Eldar Alaitoc Farseer

I have to start off and say, I love this model.  For some reason, I never made it a priority to get one and it took Justin to mail me one to really appreciate it.  I am disappointed the other more recent Farseers have almost the same positioning though.  

I want to talk about the photos first.  I chose not to crop them at all.  I really wanted to get the most exposure for the awesome piece of terrain Justin built a few years back.  He seriously just carved this entire coliseum piece that is roughly a cubic foot in size out of hardboard and flower foam.  He used only a bread knife.  The first photo is also my favorite.  I have a Warlock, the Farseer I posted last week, and Eldrad in the background.  

The paint scheme itself is nothing too new.  I continued adding some silver distress to the gold though.  I also went with green hands.  Justin paints all his exposed Eldar flesh as green.  I figured I would give him a shout-out via green hands on this guy.  

As for what's up next, I hope some Murder Clowns.  That is, Harlequins.  The rumors and rumblings are pointing to a Harlequin book.  They were my first 40k army back in 2nd edition.  I'll have to wait to see what's available to them, but if Venoms are really an option, my Dark Eldar Venoms will be stripped and painted up in proper colors, bright primary colors and diamonds.