Monday, March 13, 2017

Astra Militarum Commissar

Here's another IG/AM model from my friend's army.  It was in the box of Scions I was building so I thought what the hell, i'll assemble and paint him.

He's a pretty simple model, but has some character in that simplicity.  My friend likes plasma, so he's got the plasma pistol.

I went with the same blue I used on the Tauros and am using on the Scions.  It's a fairly simple technique that gets the job done.  The red is a few levels or layering and an orange sharp edge highlight.  The gold is just a shade with silver highlight.  The only thing I spent extra time on was the pistol.  I did some different levels of highlighting for a bit of a glow effect.  I think for the level of work put into the model, it came out rather decent.

Currently Yvraine is my focus on the table.  She's real early on in the process.  Theres also some Scions, Wraithblades, and the 3rd Vargheist.