Friday, March 10, 2017

Eldar The Visarch Sword of Ynnead

I had to pre-order the Triumvirate the day it came out being the Eldar player I am. A lot can be said about the fluff being good or bad, but damn the models are top notch. The packaging was the best I've seen from GW. There was one slight piece of damage on Ynnead though. Looking at the three, I knew I had to paint him up first.

With the mix of Eldar, Dark Eldar, and Harlequin design aspects, I think they did a nice job combining them. He has a much stronger Dark Eldar feel to him, but that's OK to me.

As for painting him. I went with a fairly traditional color scheme. The armor was a lot of fun to highlight. I'm really liking the sharp corner highlighting technique. The cloak was almost step for step from the tutorial video on him. I decided to go with ad different color arrangement for his gems compared to my Craftworld models so he'd stand out a bit. His cloak I think came out the least successful. It's serviceable, if not dull.

The point I want to talk individually on is the sword. I used my new airbrush to do some blue and white blending before I glazed it and highlighted.

I have some more finished models I just need to take pics of. Of course I've started the next of the three, Yvraine.