Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Astra Militarum Wyvern Suppression Tank

Hey look, it's a tank.  Not just any tank though, an Astra Militarum Wyvern Suppression Tank.  To be honest with you, it was a lot of fun to paint.

The pictures kinda give it away, but this guy was painted in a desert theme.  The tank isn't actually mine, it's a friend's and he was thinking desert for his AM army.  This is essentially a test model, a test model that I think came out rather well.

As for the painting behind it.  It's a cheap Khaki paint from Apple Barrel for the base coat over a black primer.  The next step was the Nutmeg brown from the same cheap paint line.  Apple barrel was chosen for several reasons.  As stated, it's super cheap.  I just diluted it and ran it through the airbrush.  I had a nice smooth basecoat in minutes, well a bit longer, I did two coats. Another reason is it's texture.  Anyone that has been around US Military vehicles is familiar with CARC paint.  CARC is resistant to NBC stuff and helps the vehicle to blend in with it's IR signature.  Along with all that fancy stuff it has a very rough and chalky feel to it, much like this cheap paint. Some Rotting Flesh drybrush over the whole thing.

After the basecoating, I washed the lines and rivets with Agrax Earthshade, Ironbreaker on the metal shaded with Nuln Oil, Tracks painted Abaddon Black with Ironbreaker drybrushing. Eagles painted with White Scar and lined with Abaddon, Screen and viewports metallic blue, and then the gunner.

Now I want to talk about the gunner.  I did him in a desert camo scheme similar to the tank, but a bit different.  I went with an early 90s US DBDU style.  In classic US Army style I left the armor portions Cadian Green.  I felt that the Imperium would be much like the US, not bothering to invest in too much money on matching armor.  I personally never was issued one tan piece of equipment besides my basic uniform over two deployments.  Don't get me started on tan vehicles and green camo netting. 

One thing I have to say about AM/IG models, they are fast and easy to paint.  Maybe i'll knock this squad out by next weekend.