Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Eldar Alaitoc Wraithknight

To be honest, I bought a Wraithknight just because I didn't own one.  When you have a large army you get to the point where you're picking up models just because you don't have them.  It's not that I hate the Wraithknight, I am just not a huge fan.  I like the size and all, but there is just too much going on with the model compared to classic Eldar ascetic.  That might seem hypocritical compared to my statments regarding the two different Wraithlords, but really it's a fine line.  The Wraithlord, IMO, is on the other side of that line as compared to the Wraithknight.  This model is just so out of place compared the rest of the army.  Maybe whenever the titan is finish it will blend in a bit better.

Paint scheme wise it's standard Alaitoc.  I feel there are a bit too many gems on the model, even for it's size. They end up dominating the model when painted instead of accentuate.