Thursday, July 10, 2014

Eldar Warp Spider

The Eldar Warp Spider model has confounded me for years.  Even way back in 2nd Edition I hated these models even though the unit was great, they use to use flame templates and used initiative to attack the effected models.  I got a bit of a reprieve through various editions because Warp Spiders just plain sucked.  Now though, Warp Spiders are arguably the best selection from Fast Attack for Eldar.  With that, I have been trying to get these guys not looking like ass.  This is my 4th officially finished Warp Spider paint scheme.  I think I have finally found something I like.  It is very similar to my Dark Reapers, but I don't see myself running those guys anytime soon.

The two primary colors at work here are black and purple.  The under suit is a white prime with several washes of purple.  Those washes were followed up with highlights.  The black is Abaddon Black over a white prime with Xereus Purple lining on the edges.  The wraithbone is Ushabti Bone washed with Devlan Mud with original color in highlights.  The hardest call color wise was the buttons at the white pennants on the legs and forearms.  I ended up going with the base color used for the cloth.

I have a second one started and another 5, including an Exarch, getting ready to be primed.  When I finish this squad I'll have a unit of all aspects sans Shining Spears.