Monday, July 14, 2014

Eldar Warp Spider Exarch

Here is the finished Exarch for my Warp Spider squad.  He is of the same scheme and style as the regular Spider I posted last week.  Why no other Exarch model beyond this one was never commissioned, I haven't a clue.  How a Dark Reaper Exarch with a Web of Skulls released and no love for the Warp Spiders, shows the universe to be a cruel place. To be honest though, of his contemporaries of the time this one was one of the coolest.  Unfortunately, every aspect has received at least one update, whereas the Spiders are still in the same place.

My favorite part of this paint job is the powerblades.  A rather poor equipment choice notwithstanding, they at least look cool.

The next goal is to put some work on the rest of the squad, 6 more Spiders.  After that though, I am not sure where to go next.  My Eldar stockpile is running low at the moment.  The stockpile is still rather large, just not in comparison to what has been painted.