Saturday, February 14, 2015

Harlequin Player III

Another Player done and in the case. 

I find myself loving these new Harlequins more and more every minute I work on them.  The length and shape of the ribbon on this model would be impossible in metal and a mess in resin.  The simple elegance this sculpt has is so nice. 

The scheme has not changed for this model for the most part.  I did make one change though.  I used a blue dry paint instead of the hard white highlight.  It's more subtle and photographs much better.  I generally do not like dry-brushing, but this works for me here. 

I switched over to my 50 mm lens and it seems to handle the pure white mask better.  It still isn't optimal, but it isn't a complete washout. 

I don't foresee another Player tomorrow.  I just didn't have the time with work to get any work done.  Stranger things have happened though.