Monday, February 16, 2015

Harlequin Player VI

Here is Player #6 and the second to last of the initial box.

I think I have finally tweaked the camera enough to get the results I'm looking for on the mask.  You can really see it now instead of just a white washout.

I really liked this model in general.  The pose and color choices remind me of an aerobics instructor. I can totally see her rocking out to some Steve Winwood.

I went with more red and blue and less black on this model.  I think it brings a bit more color to the Troupe, but still maintains the same color scheme.  The final member is going to have a lot of diamonds, so variety is the key here.

With only one plastic Harlequin left, it's time to get me some Skyweavers.  I'm not blown away on their stats, but the models are top notch.