Sunday, February 15, 2015

Harlequin Player V

The squad is getting so close to completion.

I decided to just sit down and crank this Harlequin out.  She makes my 5th complete Player and only one model away from a squad.  This was a complete start to finish job today that I started after putting the finishing touches on Player IV.

I put in some Garden of Moor pieces to eliminate the full white background.  I think it worked to a satisfactory level.  If anything, it breaks up the white monotony the previous posts had.  It did help with the white side of the mask, but it still is not 100% where I want it to turnout.  Once again, it looks really good in person.

Technique wise, nothing really new going on here.  This is the first Player with a Caress and a split mask as well.

As for the sculpt itself, it's another great plastic model.  I both like and dislike the gangster-style pistol pose.  It just seems a bit unbecoming for a Harlequin.  On the other hand, having one model rocking the sideways grip is kinda cool.  The Harlequin Caress just looks perfect position wise.

I've got two more plastics on the table.  There are also a few metal models that need some work to get them up to par.  I have some of the more looking metals ones sitting in the stripping bucket as well.