Sunday, February 15, 2015

Harlequin Player IV

The squad grows larger.

The first of my Players with a new special weapon option.  This model has been equiped with a Harlequin's Embrace.  It seems a bit bulky for me, but due to the nature of the weapon it makes sense.  Of all the Harlequins made from the box, this one is the most basic looking of them.  Sometimes the most elegant model is the most non-cluttered. 

I'm still having some issues with the white mask coming out right.  It should be resolved a bit when I do some group shots and get some more color in the background.

I continued to use the dry paint for the purple and pink highlighting.  I'm definitely going to stick with that over the strait white highlighting.

I have three plastic Players left to paint.  One has been started, but will end up being the most intense painting, so I might leave it for last.  I also plan on getting 2 Skyweaver boxes (4 Bikes total) this week.