Monday, March 16, 2015

Harlequin Skyweaver Squadron

Skyweaver number two has been completed, so I decided to do a quick group shot of the squadron.

Just the two Skyweavers themselves cut a nice look, but having a full 6 bike squad would look really impressive.  I don't see the Skyweavers as being super competitive, but they do look nice.  Keeping them to a two unit squad keeps them cheap.

As seen by my previous posts, I am also working on two Starweavers at the same time.  It's hard doing a full batch models larger than man-sized for me though.  Eventually one of the models ends up getting more and more work done on it, this situation is no different.  I plan on plugging way at them over the next week.  After that, I need to get myself a Voidweaver and probably another Skyweaver kit.