Sunday, March 1, 2015

Harlequin Skyweaver

Finally finished my first Skyweaver.  

I have to start off and say that I really love this model.  The entire kit is just top notch.  The options that are made available is so nice.  After years of building Vypers and Eldar Jetbikes, this kit is just a dream.  With that though, there is one issue I have.  I always try to paint my stuff in pieces.  In this case, it's the bike alone and the two riders by themselves.  The Skyweaver's driver's legs are too narrow to fully assemble and place afterwards.  For future Skyweavers I will have to paint him sans one leg. 

For paint scheme, I went with the same colors and combinations as my Players.  I like the consistency feel and how it meshes well with the entire army.  I find the GW paint schemes as way too dark.  I've played Harlequins a long time, so the more traditional and loud scheme is more fitting for me. 

I have one more Skyweaver on the table.  It has only been clipped off the sprue.  I would really like to get the majority of it done tomorrow, if not finished.  I want that, because I have 3 Starweavers showing up in the mail Monday.