Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Eldar Alaitoc Guardian Defenders and Storm Guardians

So here's the 4 pack of Guardians I've referred to in the last few posts.  I decided to take a quick picture on my work table for two reasons; neither of their parent squads are done and I didn't feel like doing the whole light box setup right now.

I posted a work table photo awhile back with 4 Storm Guardians.  These are painted in the same style.  In total, I have enough Plastic Guardians for two 10 man defender squads and one 10 man Storm squad.

I like to have my Storms to have wonky looking poses.  I feel the Fusion Gun guy meets the standard.  The other guy not so much.  Honestly though, he looks pretty kick ass.  As kick ass a Guardian with a chainsword can look.

I plan on knocking out 4 more Storm Guardians whenever.  That will round out the squad.  A squad that is just not really good on the table, but hey, at this point it's all about getting representation for every unit choice option.