Monday, September 8, 2014

Eldar Prince Yriel

So I purchased this Yriel model the day it was released.  It spent years painted very badly.  I did actually run him in a tournament back in 5th Edition.  All I remember is that he killed a lot of Orks and didn't die in any game. Enough about this model's lineage though.

I stripped him awhile back in a great stripping of Eldar over a year ago.  I primed him the same day as my Autarch I posted last week.  I decided to screw doing him Iyanden and just roll with Alaitoc.  

His color scheme is pretty darn close to the Autarch's with a few differences.  I did his cloak in a lighter blue than his armor instead of the yellow of the Autarch.  At first I was skeptical, but have come to really like the subtle difference.  Another change was the blade.  I went with a silver base instead of light blue.  That made the blade a bit more dull, but with all the yellows and blues around, I felt it was a nice contrast. 

The blue on the back banner looks much more subtle than the picture portrays.  I've been messing around with some exposure stuff.  The front picture really shows in it's crisp brightness.  

From here, I am still looking at some Harlequins.  The scheme and style predates my Eldar update by years.  I think a lot of the work is still OK, but As more time goes by I am starting to think I'm going to start from scratch or really revamp the models finished (6 or so) and use that as a template for the rest (14).