Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Eldar Alaitoc Autarch

I was doing some work on a 4th Wave Serpent and at the same time working on two more OOP Wraithlords.  I just was not feeling it though.  So I went to the shelf of unfinished Eldar and saw this Autarch just laying in a pile of pieces.  To date I only have the Jetbike Autarch painted so I went to work.

As compared to my other Alaitoc models, this Autarch most likely has the highest percentage of Yellow.  I prefer to keep my color palette small, so yellow seemed to only avenue to go on for the cape.  I felt white was out of place.  A light blue was an option, but I am saving that for my Yriel model which is currently being worked on.

The majority of the model is painted like my Guardians.  The dark blue armor plates with a lighter blue highlight and black-lined between elevations and colors.

I painted the entire model sans the backpack/banners.  When it came to the banners I first thought to do some freehand work.  For two reasons I chose not to.  The first is the amount of time and effort it would take on a model that wont see the tabletop anytime soon.  The second reason is that I feel the very simple dark blue with yellow trim fits the model much better.  Having such a drastic difference in the amount of blue over the yellow helps cut down on the overpowering of the yellow on the rest of the model.

As for the yellow on the model, I went for a much softer highlight style.  I really tried to keep down the hard lines that the tanks have.

Upcoming work includes the aforementioned Wave Serpent and Wraithlords, but they are low priority.  I have put a lot of work onto Yriel.  I have a 3rd Vyper finished, just need to get some full squadron pics taken.  A Harlequin has also made it's way onto my table.