Friday, January 20, 2012

Nothing getting finished

I am suffering from a scatter-shot approach to doing work.  I am simultaneously painting 4 Dark Eldar Venoms, a Vampire Counts Mortis Engine and several Cities of Death buildings.  There is a good chance one of those items will be completed by the end of the weekend.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Skaven Screaming Bell

I love the miniature and I find it funny that I spent so much time on the actual bell and the Rat Ogre attendant and so little time on the Greyseer who's really the guy running the show.

Skaven Doomwheel

The Doomwheel might not be a great unit to run, but the model IMO is top notch and really embodies what the Skaven are all about as a miniature line.  It's at the same time menacing and absurd.  It looks like a dangerous contraption, but at the end of the day it's a giant wheel run by ratmen than shoots lightning and runs into things.

Queek Headtaker

This is the metal version of Queek.  The finecast of this guy came out like a week after I picked him up.

Garden of Morr

Picked up this set the day after Christmas.  Three days later after a lot of James Bond movies on Netflix I had the whole kit painted.  This is just the gate.

Eldar Avatar and Karandras

Some more HD photos of two Eldar models Justin painted some time ago.  The Karandras model is in the standard form whereas the Avatar has had his hair removed.  I've never understood why a molten demon powered by blood would have a giant pony tail anyways. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Battletech Clan Timber Wolf (Mad Cat)

This is a Ral Partha original style Timber Wolf painted in a Jade Falcon camo scheme by a friend of mine named Justin Monaco.  This paint job is about 5 years old.  The Jade Falcon emblem is hand painted.  The picture is an HDR render done by the photographer Ben Wrobel.

Empire Warrior Priest

Empire Warrior Priest.  He was finished a few years back.  This is such a great sculpt and really IMO the best of the several different Empire WPs.  The paint scheme is different than most of my Empire army except the Liche Purple which ties him into the rest of the force.  

First Post

I made this blog to showcase my painting along with my friends work as well.  I plan on posting my new work as it is finished along with posts of my work over the years as I get it photographed.