Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Fire Prism

So this is the finished Fire Prism from my Step By Step post yesterday.  I covered the painting of that fairly thoroughly, so I want to discuss the model.  

Compared to the older Fire Prism which I plan on starting soon, this is a much nicer kit that looks much better.  I doubt i'll ever buy the vectored or star engine upgrades, but they just look so cool I had to add them.  I have been playing Eldar for a long time, 17 years, so the amount of time I have spent working on Falcon based tanks is considerable and to be honest any change is appreciated.  I just wish with the new Fire Prism that they had kept the unique sensor instead of the generic Falcon one.  I guess you cannot have everything.

I have a Falcon like 98% done.  Maybe i'll actually finish it sometime this week. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Fire Prism (Step By Step)

 Start off with a nice clean white primer.  I like to use P3 spray primer.  I also like to use a hemostat to hold it so I can get every angle needed.
 The Yellow bands are sketched out with pencil for guidlines.
 Altdorf Guard Blue for the majority of the tank basecoat with Sunburst/Flash Gitz Yellow for the bands.  I have two coats of the blue here.  It doesn't have to be perfect and looks better if it isn't as you'll see later on.
 The shading stage.  Drakenhof for the blue and Reikland for the yellow.  I go heavy on both and with the variations on the blue basecoat it helps give it a quasi mottled look already.
 I hit up access areas and few other spots with Ushabti.  This is where I also did the stripling for the black on blue.  It's a fast process and I like to smear it a bit with my thumb to get a smoother transition.
 Hit up the cracks between the armor plates with black then line edge those cracks with Thunderhawk Blue.  I also edge the yellow back with the base color.  The bone areas are hit with some Devlan Mud.
 Gem first step is a nice Mephiston Red basecoat.
 Next up is an angled swipe of Blazing Orange on the bottom.
 A shade of Nuln Oil.
 Some 'ardcoat finish to help add some gloss and accentuate the colors under the shade.
 A small white dot at the top to finish it off.
I larger shot of the finished model.  I plan on doing another Fire Prism post with more finished product photos.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Work Table Update

As you can see, there are a number of projects on my painting table.  I still have the remains of Jetbike-Palooza.  There is also a Falcon that I had put off for a bit seeing as they still are fairly crappy in the new Codex.  Unfortunately, I have 2 Falcons that I never see using except in huge Apocalypse scale games.  The final piece is the Fire Prism that came in the mail today.  It's unfortunate that the new parts of the kit are so great, whereas the rest is still using the very old Falcon chassis.

I have a feeling that the Fire Prism will be completed much sooner than later.  Maybe that will spurn me to finish the Falcon and start my OOP Fire Prism with the metal Prism Cannon.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Windrider Jetbike Squad

I finally finished my first Windrider Jetbike squad.  This is what I am dubbing as my "flag" squad.  It also gives a quasi command vehicle whenever I get round to expanding beyond the current Jetbike numbers I currently have.  I am still working out some kinks in regards to taking pictures with some backgrounds beyond my light box.  

As for the rest of Jetbike-Palooza, I still have the Farseer and 4 more Windriders.  I have all the bikes completed and 3 of the Windrider pilots on poles and primed waiting for some paint.  I also got around to assembling my Avatar, so who knows.