Friday, November 22, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Falcon

I really wish Falcons were more viable these days, but their halcyon days of 4th edition are a distant memory.  Even with these drawbacks I would imagine a lot of Eldar players are like me and have at least one of these guys hanging around.  In the days of Wave Serpent spam and the much better mono-purpose Fire Prism, the Falcon is the least viable tank in the book.

Even with all that, I still felt the need to paint one up.  With the majority of my play army finished, grinding out the lesser used models are slowly becoming a higher priority.  It's painted in my standard tank scheme with the colors and stripe placement.  I didn't really feel the need nor desire to go above and beyond on this guy.

I have two Forgeworld projects on the table these days.  The Warp Hunter is very close to the finish line, whereas the Lynx is just in the preliminary base coat stage.