Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Alaitoc Army Update

I have not posted much, none actually, this month.  There is a reason for this.  I haven't really been painting that much, let alone finishing much.  I did manage to finish up my third out of four Wave Serpents.  I got in the mail some more Warp Spiders, but I hate the model so much I am having trouble working on them.  I have 9 total now, but I can't seem to find a scheme that doesn't make them look like crap.  Some models are so old and bad paint alone cannot salvage them.  It's a shame really.  The unit is so good.

The pics are of my display cases.  It helps put the entire army in perspective as to what's done.  

On the table I have the aforementioned Warp Spiders, Storm Guardians, Guardian Crewmen, and Rangers.  I honestly cannot get excited about any of them.  That titan needs to show up soon.