Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Imperial Knight Paladin

Working on a nice big model is a good change of pace from doing the same camo scheme over and over.  Well, here's a nice big model that doesn't have a spec of camo on it.

The pictures make it obvious, this is an Imperial Knight of the Paladin class.  My friend picked this up at first because it was a great deal.  It was a kinda fun build to be honest.  I put it together in an afternoon a few months ago.  I needed some palette cleansing from all the tanks, so here it is.

The blue armor is the same technique as the Taurox I did a few months back.  Black primer>The Fang Base>Thunderhawk Blue>Reikland Fleshshade in recesses>Fenrisian Grey Drybrush.  The Fang and Thunderhawk were both applied by an airbrush, such a nice time saver on a big model like this.  

The brass was the same Black Primer>Balthasar Gold>Nuln Oil>Balthasar Gold>Shining Gold>Runefang Steel.  The first Balthasar was applied with the airbrush.  Then the shade with Nuln Oil, then the next three colors were dry brushes with a lighter application on each coat.  

The little bit of Steel was just Ironbreaker inked with Nuln Oil and light Runefang drybrush.  

I pretty much did this guy in a 24 hour period.   It was like I was painting a huge Mech back from my Battletech days.

I'll probably finish the Sentinel in the next few days.  I still have a Russ in the stripper to work on if I don't get anymore stuff from him until next weekend.  

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