Thursday, September 18, 2014

Eldar Alaitoc Storm Guardians

I finished the majority of my Storm Guardians a few days back.  I decided it was time to work on some basing.  Unfortunately, I hadn't done much base work in some time, so there was a considerable backlog.  I ended up having to flock around 40 models.  I am working my way through them, but I decided to finish up these 10 guys to get them ready for the camera.

I already posted a few of them, but here's the full squad in all of their glory.  They are done up in my standard Alaitoc scheme.

Here we have grenade girl.  She was created using a Defender Guardian cradle arm with a snipped off grenade from a Dire Avenger kit.  Created out of necessity, I think the model works though. 

I love the pose of this guy.  I have dubbed him the top dog of this Storm group.  The fancy Dire Avenger pistol with the strait up chainsword says a lot. 

 Side-leaner here is just too cool for school.  I feel that she has been on the path of service for sometime and just needs to kick some ass, but not enough to go the path of Khaine. She also has issues with baby daddys and her douche boss at the cafeteria.
 I call this guy "1v1 U bro".  He's just a bit too cocky for his own good.  Always the first casualty.
 This guy is just plain lost.  There was a mix up in his paperwork.  He's supposed to be trying a shuttle bus, but accidently ended up with a catapult and power sword.  Somehow he'll always live though.
 Fusion Gun #1 is his name and he actually thinks that the #1 means he's in charge.  He isn't.
 Another necessity build here.  It doesn't show it, but his left arm is a Dire Avenger exarch force shield.  Much like grenade guy.  Karate chop here ends up looking pretty cool.
Fusion Gun #2 is constantly reminding people that he's only number 2 because the other guy's last name just happens to come before his.  He's not quite sure why he's got a chainsword.
 This guy is just too damn eager.  His squad mates call him beaver and he has no idea why.  He's just happy he's got a nickname.
Double pistol is just a bad ass.  He has no idea who John Woo is, but that doesn't matter.  He's ex Dark Eldar, I'm not sure how that gets him access to a Rogue Trader era Eldar Las Pistol though.  I had some other options for that arm, but just had to use the pistol.  Rogue Trader was probably the last time this unit option was viable.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Eldar Alaitoc Guardian Defenders and Storm Guardians

So here's the 4 pack of Guardians I've referred to in the last few posts.  I decided to take a quick picture on my work table for two reasons; neither of their parent squads are done and I didn't feel like doing the whole light box setup right now.

I posted a work table photo awhile back with 4 Storm Guardians.  These are painted in the same style.  In total, I have enough Plastic Guardians for two 10 man defender squads and one 10 man Storm squad.

I like to have my Storms to have wonky looking poses.  I feel the Fusion Gun guy meets the standard.  The other guy not so much.  Honestly though, he looks pretty kick ass.  As kick ass a Guardian with a chainsword can look.

I plan on knocking out 4 more Storm Guardians whenever.  That will round out the squad.  A squad that is just not really good on the table, but hey, at this point it's all about getting representation for every unit choice option.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Eldar Alaitoc Army Update

So my glass display cases really needed a dusting.  So I figured while the got the models out i'll take some army pics.  It's rather rewarding seeing all the work you've put in for a two year period together. 

In total, I have somewhere between 10-11k points of Craftworld Eldar.  I'm not sure exactly how many points are here finished, but needless to say, it is the vast majority.  

I'm still working on models right now.  I got some work in on a few Guardians.  I've still got a lot of plastic Guardians.  They represent the majority of models remaining.  Followed closely by Harlequins. 

Eldar Prince Yriel

So I purchased this Yriel model the day it was released.  It spent years painted very badly.  I did actually run him in a tournament back in 5th Edition.  All I remember is that he killed a lot of Orks and didn't die in any game. Enough about this model's lineage though.

I stripped him awhile back in a great stripping of Eldar over a year ago.  I primed him the same day as my Autarch I posted last week.  I decided to screw doing him Iyanden and just roll with Alaitoc.  

His color scheme is pretty darn close to the Autarch's with a few differences.  I did his cloak in a lighter blue than his armor instead of the yellow of the Autarch.  At first I was skeptical, but have come to really like the subtle difference.  Another change was the blade.  I went with a silver base instead of light blue.  That made the blade a bit more dull, but with all the yellows and blues around, I felt it was a nice contrast. 

The blue on the back banner looks much more subtle than the picture portrays.  I've been messing around with some exposure stuff.  The front picture really shows in it's crisp brightness.  

From here, I am still looking at some Harlequins.  The scheme and style predates my Eldar update by years.  I think a lot of the work is still OK, but As more time goes by I am starting to think I'm going to start from scratch or really revamp the models finished (6 or so) and use that as a template for the rest (14). 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Eldar Alaitoc Vyper Squadron

Something crazy happened, I said something in a blog post and it actually happened.  I decided to power through and get my Vyper Squadron up.  I posted the original 17 months back.  It was one of the early finished models of my Eldar re-imaging and the first vehicle.  It's fitting it was the first vehicle because a Vyper was the first Eldar vehicle I ever owned.  The paint scheme of this Vyper was inspired from early work on my Scorpion Super Heavy.

You can tell my priority level for Vypers with a 17 month gap.  They are just outclassed by about every single Fast Attack option, put I still love them.  It's going to be a few more years until a new Eldar Codex is released.  Maybe by then they can figure out these little guys. 

Yriel is coming along swimmingly.  I've come to an impasse though.  I'm painting him in Alaitoc colors, but his backpack/banner poles have iconography from Iyanden.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Eldar Alaitoc Autarch

I was doing some work on a 4th Wave Serpent and at the same time working on two more OOP Wraithlords.  I just was not feeling it though.  So I went to the shelf of unfinished Eldar and saw this Autarch just laying in a pile of pieces.  To date I only have the Jetbike Autarch painted so I went to work.

As compared to my other Alaitoc models, this Autarch most likely has the highest percentage of Yellow.  I prefer to keep my color palette small, so yellow seemed to only avenue to go on for the cape.  I felt white was out of place.  A light blue was an option, but I am saving that for my Yriel model which is currently being worked on.

The majority of the model is painted like my Guardians.  The dark blue armor plates with a lighter blue highlight and black-lined between elevations and colors.

I painted the entire model sans the backpack/banners.  When it came to the banners I first thought to do some freehand work.  For two reasons I chose not to.  The first is the amount of time and effort it would take on a model that wont see the tabletop anytime soon.  The second reason is that I feel the very simple dark blue with yellow trim fits the model much better.  Having such a drastic difference in the amount of blue over the yellow helps cut down on the overpowering of the yellow on the rest of the model.

As for the yellow on the model, I went for a much softer highlight style.  I really tried to keep down the hard lines that the tanks have.

Upcoming work includes the aforementioned Wave Serpent and Wraithlords, but they are low priority.  I have put a lot of work onto Yriel.  I have a 3rd Vyper finished, just need to get some full squadron pics taken.  A Harlequin has also made it's way onto my table.