Friday, August 22, 2014

Eldar Alaitoc Revenant Titan

So, the pictures tell the story here.  I have finally finished my Revenant Titan.  This was easily the biggest and most difficult model I have ever worked on.  The model is very large compared to any other model I own and that combined with the complicated nature of the model made this project very time consuming and at times frustrating.

The paint scheme is my standard Alaitoc technique with some tweaks.  The most noticeable is the wraithbone.  Instead of just washing the bone and doing some highlights, I went for a drybrush over the wash.  The sheer size of the wraithbone pieces necessitated this choice.  I also chose to paint the gems on the wraithbone instead of just integrating it into the model.  I felt a model like this deserved as much effort as possible.  Another new aspect used here is the checkered side panels over the legs.  I thought about doing them in yellow, but decided for a more eye catching option.

As for what's up next, I am not sure.  I still have a lot of Eldar foot models and have actually started to base a few Guardian Defenders.