Thursday, December 19, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc War Walker (Updated)

Ignoring the fact that the base looks super wonky, due to post production, I think this guy came out rather well.  This is my second completed War Walker, but the previous one was painted in an older scheme and style.  Fortunately, it should not take too much effort to update it to the standard of this one.  I have a 3rd one in the base-coating stage, which on these is the most time consuming.  This is the first model I've finished lately that is actually in my 1850 list.  The motivation was not looking like a scrub with a fully painted army minus my War Walkers.

Another difference with this is the choice of weapons.  These Brightlances aren't glued on and are rather modular.  I am planning to bit out some additional weapon holders for different arming options.  In reality I changed up to Brightlances over Scatter Lasers due to the rest of the army's composition.  With having 3 Wave Serpents spamming Str. 6/7 shots, having 6 more Scat-lasers seemed overkill.  The 6 Brightlances help bulk up my anti-tank and pull some pressure off the Fire Prisms.  

Monday, December 9, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Lynx Super Heavy Tank

As you can see I finished the Lynx today.  I cannot convey how much I love this model.  It's a great mix between the big super heavies like the Cobras and Scorpions and the smaller Falcon chassis tanks.  I decided to go with the Pulsar over the Sonic Lance.  I have the lance barrel plus power pack for the back so if a swap in needed in the future it wont be too difficult.

The scheme is standard, but with some minor changes.  The front stripes are the same as my Scorpion II, but I decided to do some different back stripes.  I though that this model looks so much more different than anything else I have.  Well not hugely different, but when it comes to Eldar aesthetics any changes are big.  

Getting a flight base on this beast was a bit difficult.  In standard Forge World fashion they designed the thing to use a standard GW flight base.  Of course that is wildly impractical and wouldn't even work once, let alone multiple uses.  I used a similar technique that I did on my Scorpion, but used the GW flight base instead of making one out of hardboard.  So far so good.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Warp Hunter

I finally finished my Warp Hunter.  I did the vast majority of this model in the several days after I got it in the mail.  I got distracted with my other 8 other projects, but finally did the last bit late last night.  Sadly in the last week I only needed to highlight the engines and do the D-Canon barrel.   

As for the the painting of the tank, it's my standard Alaitoc scheme.  For the most part it was a bit easier than the other style tanks due to the lack of a turret.  Really the most difficult choice was the D-Cannon barrel.  I debated keeping it white, but that wouldn't really mesh with the other models in the army.  

Last night I also got hot and heavy on my Lynx.  It is coming along really well now and might see completion soon.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Falcon

I really wish Falcons were more viable these days, but their halcyon days of 4th edition are a distant memory.  Even with these drawbacks I would imagine a lot of Eldar players are like me and have at least one of these guys hanging around.  In the days of Wave Serpent spam and the much better mono-purpose Fire Prism, the Falcon is the least viable tank in the book.

Even with all that, I still felt the need to paint one up.  With the majority of my play army finished, grinding out the lesser used models are slowly becoming a higher priority.  It's painted in my standard tank scheme with the colors and stripe placement.  I didn't really feel the need nor desire to go above and beyond on this guy.

I have two Forgeworld projects on the table these days.  The Warp Hunter is very close to the finish line, whereas the Lynx is just in the preliminary base coat stage. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Fire Prism (OOP)

I finally pushed through and finished my second Fire Prism.  Now this is the older OOP version and find nothing positive about it over the current style beyond providing some variation.  It's my standard Alaitoc scheme with nothing really new going on.

I did finally get my desktop back up and running with Photoshop and all that.  That combined with my new light box has really helped my picture production.

I have a Falcon that is just about finished.  There is also the gaggle of Jetbikes that need to be finished.  Maybe when some of that is cleared I start on the Dire Avengers.  I have 3 War Walkers that need to be started.

Friday, October 4, 2013

1-Click Paint Collections

This is not a typical post from here, it doesn’t have pictures.  I just saw that GW posted one-click paint collections and I quote “For every Warhammer 40k Army”.  There were some notable omissions for certain armies, but the two Eldar choices seem interesting to me. 

They only have two Eldar Craftworlds listed, Iyanden and Saim-Hann.  Seeing as Iyanden was the Craftworld heavily represented in new kits with the Codex release and the first of the Craftworld Supplements, it was a no brainer to have there.  The other choice is very telling though.  I am guessing that Saim-Hann will be the next Codex Supplement due to their presence as a collection.  I admit my reasoning is a bit flimsy, but hey who doesn’t love some speculation now and again?

The three oldest kits in the range are Warp Spiders (93), Windrider Jetbikes, and Vyper Jetbikes.  Two of those are very heavily represented in Saim-Hann and make sense for a miniature release alongside the Supplement.  At the very least Warp Spiders have very comparable colors to Saim-Hann and they are Fast Attack.

Though I would love to see my beloved Alaitoc getting some love, there just isn’t a whole lot to work with for an entire Codex Supplement.  I see Biel-Tan getting their own book and Alaitoc battling Ulthwe for their own.  Ulthwe is suffering from the power increase to Guardians with the new book.  I will gladly welcome new bikes even though I have 3 Vypers and 11 Windriders being used for various unit types.  These models were showing their age a long time ago and are desperate for an update.  Warp Spiders would be a nice bonus though. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Fire Prism

So this is the finished Fire Prism from my Step By Step post yesterday.  I covered the painting of that fairly thoroughly, so I want to discuss the model.  

Compared to the older Fire Prism which I plan on starting soon, this is a much nicer kit that looks much better.  I doubt i'll ever buy the vectored or star engine upgrades, but they just look so cool I had to add them.  I have been playing Eldar for a long time, 17 years, so the amount of time I have spent working on Falcon based tanks is considerable and to be honest any change is appreciated.  I just wish with the new Fire Prism that they had kept the unique sensor instead of the generic Falcon one.  I guess you cannot have everything.

I have a Falcon like 98% done.  Maybe i'll actually finish it sometime this week. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Fire Prism (Step By Step)

 Start off with a nice clean white primer.  I like to use P3 spray primer.  I also like to use a hemostat to hold it so I can get every angle needed.
 The Yellow bands are sketched out with pencil for guidlines.
 Altdorf Guard Blue for the majority of the tank basecoat with Sunburst/Flash Gitz Yellow for the bands.  I have two coats of the blue here.  It doesn't have to be perfect and looks better if it isn't as you'll see later on.
 The shading stage.  Drakenhof for the blue and Reikland for the yellow.  I go heavy on both and with the variations on the blue basecoat it helps give it a quasi mottled look already.
 I hit up access areas and few other spots with Ushabti.  This is where I also did the stripling for the black on blue.  It's a fast process and I like to smear it a bit with my thumb to get a smoother transition.
 Hit up the cracks between the armor plates with black then line edge those cracks with Thunderhawk Blue.  I also edge the yellow back with the base color.  The bone areas are hit with some Devlan Mud.
 Gem first step is a nice Mephiston Red basecoat.
 Next up is an angled swipe of Blazing Orange on the bottom.
 A shade of Nuln Oil.
 Some 'ardcoat finish to help add some gloss and accentuate the colors under the shade.
 A small white dot at the top to finish it off.
I larger shot of the finished model.  I plan on doing another Fire Prism post with more finished product photos.