Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Imperial Knight Paladin

Working on a nice big model is a good change of pace from doing the same camo scheme over and over.  Well, here's a nice big model that doesn't have a spec of camo on it.

The pictures make it obvious, this is an Imperial Knight of the Paladin class.  My friend picked this up at first because it was a great deal.  It was a kinda fun build to be honest.  I put it together in an afternoon a few months ago.  I needed some palette cleansing from all the tanks, so here it is.

The blue armor is the same technique as the Taurox I did a few months back.  Black primer>The Fang Base>Thunderhawk Blue>Reikland Fleshshade in recesses>Fenrisian Grey Drybrush.  The Fang and Thunderhawk were both applied by an airbrush, such a nice time saver on a big model like this.  

The brass was the same Black Primer>Balthasar Gold>Nuln Oil>Balthasar Gold>Shining Gold>Runefang Steel.  The first Balthasar was applied with the airbrush.  Then the shade with Nuln Oil, then the next three colors were dry brushes with a lighter application on each coat.  

The little bit of Steel was just Ironbreaker inked with Nuln Oil and light Runefang drybrush.  

I pretty much did this guy in a 24 hour period.   It was like I was painting a huge Mech back from my Battletech days.

I'll probably finish the Sentinel in the next few days.  I still have a Russ in the stripper to work on if I don't get anymore stuff from him until next weekend.  

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Astra Militarum Chimera

 The squad of Cadians I finished the other day needed a ride.

This is now the 5th desert camo AM tank I've worked on, so I've go the process down and can really finish quickly.  I primed it awhile back, but once I actually started to hit it with a brush it took only a few days.  

If I'm not mistaken, the Chimera kit is still the same one they originally released.  I do really like the track guards on this guy.  On the Russ it's OK, on the Chimera I think it really adds to the model. 

Hopefully those Shadowsword sponsons don't take too long.  I'd really like to finally finish that beast. There's another standard Russ in the stripper that I'll start this week most likely.   

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Yvraine Emissary of Ynnead

 I finally finished this little lady.  Honestly, I just got tired of her sitting on my desk being mostly done.  Obviously the cat isn't done, that's for a later date most likely.