Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Fire Prism (OOP)

I finally pushed through and finished my second Fire Prism.  Now this is the older OOP version and find nothing positive about it over the current style beyond providing some variation.  It's my standard Alaitoc scheme with nothing really new going on.

I did finally get my desktop back up and running with Photoshop and all that.  That combined with my new light box has really helped my picture production.

I have a Falcon that is just about finished.  There is also the gaggle of Jetbikes that need to be finished.  Maybe when some of that is cleared I start on the Dire Avengers.  I have 3 War Walkers that need to be started.

Friday, October 4, 2013

1-Click Paint Collections

This is not a typical post from here, it doesn’t have pictures.  I just saw that GW posted one-click paint collections and I quote “For every Warhammer 40k Army”.  There were some notable omissions for certain armies, but the two Eldar choices seem interesting to me. 

They only have two Eldar Craftworlds listed, Iyanden and Saim-Hann.  Seeing as Iyanden was the Craftworld heavily represented in new kits with the Codex release and the first of the Craftworld Supplements, it was a no brainer to have there.  The other choice is very telling though.  I am guessing that Saim-Hann will be the next Codex Supplement due to their presence as a collection.  I admit my reasoning is a bit flimsy, but hey who doesn’t love some speculation now and again?

The three oldest kits in the range are Warp Spiders (93), Windrider Jetbikes, and Vyper Jetbikes.  Two of those are very heavily represented in Saim-Hann and make sense for a miniature release alongside the Supplement.  At the very least Warp Spiders have very comparable colors to Saim-Hann and they are Fast Attack.

Though I would love to see my beloved Alaitoc getting some love, there just isn’t a whole lot to work with for an entire Codex Supplement.  I see Biel-Tan getting their own book and Alaitoc battling Ulthwe for their own.  Ulthwe is suffering from the power increase to Guardians with the new book.  I will gladly welcome new bikes even though I have 3 Vypers and 11 Windriders being used for various unit types.  These models were showing their age a long time ago and are desperate for an update.  Warp Spiders would be a nice bonus though.