Saturday, June 23, 2012


This is Asurman the first of the Eldar Phoenix Lords.  I have been a fan of the model since I fist started Eldar way back in 2nd edition.  I have owned this particular model for about 10 years and finally decided to paint it.  I did all of the painting on the model while Justin made the banner and painted it freehand.  It's the same design front and back.  It's really an impressive looking model on the field.  Maybe in 6th edition he'll be worth taking instead of just looking good on a shelf.

Justin finished some Eldar

He's actually been finishing some models lately.

First up is his Farseer.  This is a dangerous model.  While re-attaching his arm he stabbed himself with the models dagger in its left hand.  It actually went fairly deep due to the fact that he sharpened for whatever reason.  Really a quality model and paint job though.

He's making really good progress on his large all OOP metal Storm Guardians.  These are 3 that are finished, while the rest of the squad all has been worked on at some point.

The finally these are two of his older works here.  I have always liked the helm designs he did for the Scorpions and Dire Avengers.  Each one has a different design.

Justin is now working heavily on his Fire Prism, Pathfinders, Dark Reapers, and Harlequins.  Hopefully something will be finished by next weekend.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Eldar painted in years.

I got bored with what I was doing so I went to my Eldar.  It started with some Phoenix Lords, then Fire Dragons, then added onto some older paint jobs.

First up is Maugenra.  He was the 4th Phoenix Lord I had painted over a 24 hour period.

Next up is Fuegan.  I think his armor came out the best of all the Phoenix Lords.

Baharroth, the picture doesn't do justice to how his armor looks.  Super dark blue is a tough thing to photograph on such a small scale.

Next is a squad of Fire Dragons.  These are an older sculpt.  I do prefer the extra details these guys have over the current model.  Plus I prefer the helmets on these guys.

Finally a Shadowseer.  This model was painted rather quickly years ago for a tournament.  I went back did some touch-ups and changed some robe colors. 

Another Warlock

Warlock number 3 from Justin.  He's slowed a bit on these guys while he's concentrating on his OOP Storm Guardians.

More Incubi

More Incubi finished.  There is a total of 15 Incubi complete now with one more that needs to be done.  Good chance that last guy will not be completed for some time.