Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defense Line

I really like this kit.  For terrain it is very well detailed and is a nice quality kit.  I did this in a similar paint scheme that I used for the Fortress of Redemption bunker I posted the other day.  The major difference being the use of drybrushing over hand highlighting.  The other trench section is currently being painted as well and I am looking at picking up the emplacement kit to make a nice big modular piece of terrain.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Fortress of Redemption Bunker

I've been working on some terrain these last few weeks.  I finally picked up a Fortress of Redemption kit and a box of the new Wall of Martyrs Trench line kit.  I am very pleased with both of these models.  I definitely plan to pick up some more Wall of Martyrs stuff.

So here is a step by step of the smaller of the two Redemption bunkers.

 I started it off with a black base coat spray primer.  From there the majority of the model was painted a nice dark purple with the insides of the walls and the edges of the floor a light grey.  These were just cheap craft paints which I like to use on terrain to keep the costs down.  The major drawback to using these types of paint are the 3 to 4 coats it can take to get a nice solid color.

The second major step was the shading.  This was accomplished by using a black ink wash I made using India Ink and isopropyl alcohol.  This again is much cheaper than using commercial shades and dries very dark, but still maintains a nice under-color and has a very flat look.

   Here was the most time intensive step.  I highlighted by hand all the edges on the bunker walls.  The details on the walls are a wing motif than ties it in with the giant tower that is a part of the kit.  I also did a Terracotta base coat for the flooring on the parapet.  I then added some Ironbreaker to the reliefs on the walls and edges of the parapet details.

All the previously added Ironbreaker spots were washed with some Nuln Oil.  Also the aquilas and skull-wings were painted white along with the sword and shield logo on some of the bunker walls.  The floor plating was hit with a very uneven wash of Nuln Oil to give it a somewhat rusted and muddy floor look.  Some Ironbreaker was added to the missile silo details and the missile tips were hit with some Caledor Sky.

 For this final part all the previous Ironbreaker spots were once again hit with some Nuln Oil.  The heavy bolter got the same treatment as the rest of the metal details along with the floor hatch.  The door lights and controls got some attention as well as the cabling and controls on the inner parapet wall.

All in all its a serviceable piece of terrain.  It can, with some correct positioning, be used as a standalone piece or as part of the larger structure.  The larger bunker, walkway, and tower are all in various stages of completion.  Hopefully I can knock some more of it out this weekend.  I kinda want to get to work on the trench-line first though.