Thursday, January 29, 2015

Harlequin Death Jester

So the new Harlequin Codex/Supplement/dataslate/whatever they end up calling it has got me stoked.  Harlequins where really my first army in 40k.  I was an Eldar player, but the first real force that I look the field with were the murder clowns.  With the leaks already, I feel they are getting the attention I think they deserve.  I know I cannot wait until I get my hands on that new Solitaire.  On to the model.

This is one of the three old style Death Jesters.  The original boxset from GW came with 16 models, three of which were Death Jesters.  This one is easily my favorite.  I used this model as an exarch for years during 2nd ed when he wasn't in my Harlequin force.  For a model from 1989, I think it really holds up and definitely still inspiring the current sculpt. 

These were some of the first diamonds I have done in some time.  I think they came out well.  I spent a bit more time than in the past and I think the finished product shows that.  I kept the rest of the model very dark.  I changed up some colors than my traditional Eldar scheme.

I have a whole mess of Harlequins on my table right now.  If Harlequins get new Jetbikes, I think my head will explode. I haven't pre-ordered anything from GW since 8th edition fantasy rulebook.  Eldar Harlequins will reset that clock.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Eldar Alaitoc Farseer

I have to start off and say, I love this model.  For some reason, I never made it a priority to get one and it took Justin to mail me one to really appreciate it.  I am disappointed the other more recent Farseers have almost the same positioning though.  

I want to talk about the photos first.  I chose not to crop them at all.  I really wanted to get the most exposure for the awesome piece of terrain Justin built a few years back.  He seriously just carved this entire coliseum piece that is roughly a cubic foot in size out of hardboard and flower foam.  He used only a bread knife.  The first photo is also my favorite.  I have a Warlock, the Farseer I posted last week, and Eldrad in the background.  

The paint scheme itself is nothing too new.  I continued adding some silver distress to the gold though.  I also went with green hands.  Justin paints all his exposed Eldar flesh as green.  I figured I would give him a shout-out via green hands on this guy.  

As for what's up next, I hope some Murder Clowns.  That is, Harlequins.  The rumors and rumblings are pointing to a Harlequin book.  They were my first 40k army back in 2nd edition.  I'll have to wait to see what's available to them, but if Venoms are really an option, my Dark Eldar Venoms will be stripped and painted up in proper colors, bright primary colors and diamonds. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Eldar Farseer and Wraithguard

I got an Eldar goodie box from the great white north that Justin sent me just after Christmas.  It was full of cool stuff, these two models are just a few of them.

First up is the Farseer.  I think this model was unreleased and more of a concept model.  You can tell by the somewhat unfinished backpack and relative simple adornments for an Eldar of his stature.  Backpack aside, I really enjoy this model.  I think the more simpler look really sets this guy apart from the others in a good way.  He's more reminiscent of a Warlock than a Farseer, which makes him a great addition to my army as a leader of a front-line detachment. 

Next up, is the Wraithguard.  I guess he was on the bad side of an eBay deal and got some "recast Wraithguard done in solder grade lead" as he puts it. I like the throwback nature of the OOP Wraithguard and the older style Chinese recasts.  The details aren't the sharpest and there are some flaws even my dremel couldn't fix. If I ever finish the other 4, which are of a poorer quality than this chap, then they would be a great suicide unit, a designation befitting their origin. 

I have a newer style Farseer that I am working on next.  He's got a lot of base-coating done on him, it's just a matter of motivation right now.