Thursday, May 16, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Wraithlord

Another large Alaitoc mini is finished.  This is the third time I have painted this very miniature.  I am not fully happy with how it looks, but it is serviceable I guess.  Obviously it was reposed from the standard configuration.  I figured if this is a sniper build then he should at least look a bit "sniperish".  

Next up are my 3 D-Cannon guns.  I have one pretty much finished and the other two are primed.  Maybe tonight I can put a dent into them.  I had to grab 5 Guardians to work on as well.  It just feels wrong not having three projects at my desk.  The third is a Vyper that hasn't been touched in 2 weeks. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Wave Serpent

I finished my Wave Serpent last night.  It's painted in my Alaitoc theme like the rest of my Craftworld forces.  I find it getting easier and faster to do the more models I work on.  I still have two Falcons, a Fire Prism, and another Wave Serpent to work on for my tanks.  I am thinking of batch painting them all at the same time, but I want to finish my D-Cannon battery first. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Eldar Alaitoc Scorpion Type II Super Heavy Grav Tank

This guy took a good amount of time to finish.  I actually started the model before my Vyper I posted a number of weeks back.  With this being my first Forge World model, I really wanted it to look solid.  This was the test bed for my Alaitoc scheme.  You should have seen the hideous paint job the guy I bought it from on eBay did to it.  Why would someone pay so much money for a Forge World model to paint it like shit?

Eldar Dire Avenger Exarch

I decided to paint up an Exarch for my two 10 man Dire Avenger squads.  It's a fairly straightforward scheme that is rather quick to throw together.  When I'll get around to finishing the, or even starting, the other 19 models I haven't a clue.  

The real challenge for my Dire Avengers was trying to get a clear difference between them and my Guardians.  I think I achieved enough of a difference with the greater amount of wraithbone and the red.  The red is an older style of Dire Avengers paint scheme.  For some reason they decided to go a more black and yellow accent to the blue.